The one-stop-shop platform for banks to deliver the best customer onboarding experience
Circuit orders all of your stops in the best possible way so you get through your day easier, avoid traffic and finish work faster.*
Verbz is a voice-first workflow and collaboration app for professionals. *
The data platform that helps companies build explainable AI.*
Better productivity with Zero Defective Manufacturing.*
Boosting gamers’ performance using neurotechnology.*
The first booking platform for all direct and intermodal routes in Europe.*
Chipolo is a colorful Bluetooth tracker that helps you find lost keys, wallet, bag or phone through the Chipolo app.*
Playful experiences for discovery - made by a community of creators.*
A complete solution for location-based, Augmented Reality experiences.*
NetLumes distinct benefits comes with its acceleration of IIoT analytics.*

*Invested via “Techstars Lisbon in partnership with Semapa Next” fund.