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We are sector-agnostic, so we look into any pre-series A European-based team aspiring to become global category leaders in their respective industries. Having said that, we closely follow market trends such as climate tech sector-focused solutions in AgTech, FoodTech, Industrial Tech, E-commerce and Logistics as well as applications of AI/ML in Future of Work, FinTech, PropTech, among other verticals.

We invest in companies across Europe. Our current portfolio is located mainly in Portugal, UK, Germany and Netherlands. Many of our portfolio companies have the majority of their customer base in the US and some of our companies have their legal HQ in the US.

Semapa Next was established in 2018 by Semapa with the primary objective of diversifying its portfolio, gaining exposure to promising startups and bringing Semapa Group closer to new business models, know-how, and exceptional talent. 100% owned by Semapa, Semapa Next operates independently.

We seek leadership teams with a passion for problem-solving, entrepreneurial spirit individuals with a long-term vision, strong soft skills and effective storytelling.
We value adaptability, empathy, a drive to achieve, and notable achievements, while also humble, vulnerable, and openness to feedback and ability to enact changes.

We are a Corporate VC with a sector-agnostic approach. We start to invest at Series A or, in specific situations, at Series B but can continue to participate in funding rounds along the company’s journey until IPO.

Our investment process involves a thorough evaluation of each startup’s potential, including the strength of their team, market opportunity, product differentiation, go-to-market strategy and business traction. We also consider the fit between the startup and our own expertise (access, leadership and finance), ensuring we can provide the best possible support.